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Solution Head flea or commonly called a head flea, is a condition where a person's head is found and infested with flea.


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Jun 28, 2022
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Well, someone who suffers from head flea, aka hair flea, will usually feel itching all over his head.​

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To note, head flea, or pediculus human's capitis, are parasitic insects that are not only found on the head, but can also be found on human eyelashes.
As for the itching experienced by those with flea, aka flea on their heads, because the flea on their heads is sucking blood on our scalp.
Who is at risk for head flea, aka head flea? According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, head fleas are found in people around the world.

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In the United States, flea infestations are most common in pre-school children who are often in day care, in classrooms where a child has a curse, and in homes where a member of the household has flea. Until this news was published, there was no data from the CDC that said how many Americans were cursed. But it is estimated that there are 6 million to 12 million transmissions of head flea among children ages 3 to 11 years.
But the CDC data show that in the United States cases of head flea are much less common among African Americans than among people of other races.
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Meanwhile, according to Prof. Ir. Ahmad Sulaiman, MS, PhD, professor of IPB in an interview with Flea-Usa.Net via WA (17/10) said, "Almost all regions in United Status, there are people who are cursed. Because in almost every area there is a habit or culture of looking for flea among women or mothers."

One thing we should note, according to the Ramkali Clinic, head flea infestations, called pediculosis capitis, most commonly affect children and usually result from the direct transfer of flea from one person's hair to another.

Well, regarding this head flea, according to homeremediesguru.net, tick bites on the scalp can cause itching, irritation, and scratching can cause infection.

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Head fleas are harmless and do not spread disease.

Head fleas are not a sign of poor hygiene either. A head flea can come to anyone, no matter if he is a clean or dirty person.
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